Thursday, January 16, 2014

Where's The Beef?   Where Does Your Food Come From?

If You Don't Know You Should Learn To Help Protect Yourself and Future Generations.

I watched the documentary Food Inc. and since then I've taken small steps each week to learn about where the food I buy and eat comes from.

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The local television news and newspaper media does not foretell the whole truth and purposely withholds information.  I always felt the local TV news channels helped me stay in the know but as I get older and wiser I realize that there is a lot not shared with the public.  The Internet has opened my eyes to the wrong food processing practices huge corporations put into place.  For companies like Monsanto, it's all about increasing profit instead of preparing safe to eat quality food that does not help the expansion of obesity and diabetes.  Teaching people how food is processed gives an individual the option not to buy improperly processed food.

Since I've watched the Food Inc. documentary I barely eat meat.  I've been changing my food shopping habits to buy USDA Certified Organic food even though buying USDA Certified Organic food is higher in price.  I buy less but now I waste less and I'm eating more healthy.  It's sad that people who just get by have to choose to buy food that has been genetically modified to save money. Families are forced to buy food that contributes to obesity and diabetes and many other ailments. Because I've been informed by watching documentaries to learn more about what really goes on behind the scenes, I decided to take action by changing my shopping habits.  I am one of those people whose actions will get noticed and it's because the handful of companies who produce genetically modified food supply will see a decrease in their bottom line.  I feel with the help of the Internet it possible to inform and educate hundreds of billions of people who only rely on local media news.  I use to think that people who complained they could not afford to eat healthy were choosing not to eat more healthy but as I buy USDA Certified Organic food and NON GMO Project Verified labeled food, I realize it is pricy to fill a refrigerator for a week on the cheap.  Why would someone spend $4.49 on a dozen of USDA Certified Organic Eggs if they could get a dozen of eggs on sale for $0.99?  The same goes for poultry that is not genetically modified.  Non genetically modified poultry is a lot higher in price.  The huge companies know exactly how to make people buy cheap but what makes the situation more disturbing is that the USDA and FDA government agencies allow the transformation of genetically modified food to occur.

It bothers me that animals are killed inhumanly and that the e Coli contamination happens more often. When I was growing up in the 70's and early 80's, I never heard of outbreaks of e Coli happening but as I got older e Coli contamination and poisoning has become more of a frequent occurrence.  When I hear a company recalling billions of dollars of poultry because of e Coli contamination, it puts a smile on my face because I know that is karma getting back at the greedy corporations that started not to do right by the uneducated public.  Like the saying goes, what goes around comes around.  I look forward to the day when companies are forced to revert back to sustainable farming practices.

USDA - United State Department Of Agriculture

FDA - Food And Drug Administration

GMO - Genetically Modified Organism
An organism or microorganism whose genetic materials have been altered by means of genetic engineering.


Escherichia coli - a species of rode-shaped, facultatively anaerobic bacteria in the large intestine of humans and other animals, sometimes pathogenic.

NOUN:  Escherichia coli - a species of bacterium normally present in intestinal tract of humans and other animals, sometimes pathogenic and can be a threat to food safety.

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